Number of decimal places to round each column to. If an int is given, round each column to the same number of places. Otherwise dict and Series round to. Define round. round synonyms, round pronunciation, round translation, English dictionary definition of round. adj. round·er, round·est 1. a. If ndigits is omitted or is None, it returns the nearest integer to its input. For the built-in types supporting round(), values are rounded to the closest. From Middle English round, rounde, from Old Northern French roünt, rund, Old French ront, runt, reont (> French rond), from both Late Latin retundus and the. To round any number to a given number of significant digits, use log10 to find out its magnitude: round($n, ceil(0 - log10($n)) + $sigdigits);?> $dp.

America's Largest Indoor Waterpark, Resort and Convention Center. Featuring Authentically-African decor in Round Rock, Texas. round rounds the values in its first argument to the specified number of decimal places (default 0). See 'Details' about “round to even” when rounding off a 5. Round things are either shaped like circles or have curves, like a baby's round belly or a round basketball. Round Rock's very own legendary, western-themed donut shop offering a variety of baked goods since World famous for their signature glazed donuts. Round Top. The Original Round Top Antiques Fair is the show that started it all over 50 years ago. Founded by the late Emma Lee Turney in “The Show” as. The ROUND function rounds a number to a certain number of decimal places according to standard rules. Examples Make a copy. A round is a musical composition, a limited type of canon, in which a minimum of three voices sing exactly the same melody at the unison (and may continue. The Most Common Go-to-Market Questions This Expert Gets from Early Founders. Struggling to figure out your startup's early go-to-market? First Round's VP of GTM. ROUND meaning: 1: shaped like a circle or ball; 2: shaped like a cylinder. Located in Central Texas and one of the fastest growing cities in America, Round Rock is nationally recognized as one of the country's most livable towns.

The Classically Curated Caribbean. Round Hill Hotel & Villas features a collection of secluded and elegantly appointed luxury villas, ocean-view rooms, and. Mathematics and science edit · The contour of a closed curve or surface with no sharp corners, such as an ellipse, circle, rounded rectangle, cant, or sphere. Order your pizza online from Round Table Pizza now for fast pizza delivery or pickup! Deals and coupon information available online. The Round Rock Chamber helps maximize the potential of Round Rock, Texas by emphasizing key industries and resources in the region. Syntax: ROUND(number, num_digits). Created and produced by parents of young children, WBUR's Circle Round adapts carefully-selected folktales from around the world into sound- and music-rich. round in British English · 1. having a flat circular shape, as a disc or hoop · 2. having the shape of a sphere or ball · 3. curved; not angular · 4. involving. Description. example. Y = round(X) rounds each element of X to the nearest integer. In the case of a tie, where an element has a fractional part of . trunc takes a single numeric argument x and returns a numeric vector containing the integers formed by truncating the values in x toward 0. round rounds the.

Nestled in the foothills of the Yadkin Valley, Round Peak Vineyards features 12 acres of French and Italian varietals, and award winning estate bottled. The round() function returns a floating point number that is a rounded version of the specified number, with the specified number of decimals. The. At Round Pond we believe that the best wines are born in the vineyard. Because we begin with some of the finest wine grapes in the world, as winemakers our goal. Dubbed the current meteor in DC theatre by Peter Marks of The Washington Post, Round House Theatre is one of the Big Six professional theatres in the. Round Square is an international network of like-minded schools in 50 countries that connect and collaborate to offer world-class programmes and experiences.

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